Users administration

Users with the necessary permissions can access the user administration area clicking Administration → Users in the navigation panel of the Devo application.

There are three main tabs in which you can view information related to user accounts and their activities in the Devo platform.

Managing existing users

The Users Management tab is where you add, remove and modify a domain's users. See the Add a new user article to learn how to create new users in your domain.

Once created, users can be either active or inactive; this is indicated by a green or red icon in the Status column in the list of users. When marked inactive, a user is prevented from logging into the domain. To change the status of a user, click the red or green icon in their row of the table.

To delete a user from the current domain, use the ellipsis menu in the user's row of the table and select Delete. Note that this does not affect their activity in other domains (in the event that the user has permissions to access other domains). You can also transfer the Owner role to a different Admin user in the domain selecting Set as Owner. Learn more about roles in the User roles article.

To modify a user's information, click the user's name in the User list. The User Information form opens. Here you can add an avatar to the user's account, change the user's name, password, phone and role(s). Click Save when finished.

Last user connections

This tab lists users with the date of their most recent logins. Choose the number of recent connections you want to see in the drop-down list at the top right corner.

User activity

This tab lists the actions recently carried out in the domain along with the timestamp, and information about the user who took the action. Use the column filters to quickly find the activity information you want to monitor here.

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