Add a new user

Users with the necessary permissions can add new users to the domain. To add a new user:

  1. Go to Administration → Users. This area opens to the Users Management tab.

  2. Click the Add User button. The User Information window appears.

  3. Enter the basic user information, like NameEmail, and Phone, and choose one or more Roles that this user will have in the current domain. The tabbed area to the right of the fields will dynamically display the PermissionsFinders, and Applications associated with the selected role or roles.

    If you select the Admin role, you will not be able to select an additional role for the user. This is because the Admin role grants a user full application permissions, and so does not benefit from additional roles. Go to User roles to learn more about this.

  4. Click Save when done. The user will receive an email requesting that they verify their address.

For information about modifying and deleting users, see the Users Administration article.

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