Setting up a PagerDuty type delivery method

Create delivery methods that can send alerts to servers running PagerDuty. Before setting up a PagerDuty type delivery method in Devo, make sure you have the API Key for the Devo service configured in PagerDuty. You need this key to set up the delivery method. For information about creating a service in PagerDuty or obtaining the API key for the service, see the PagerDuty Knowledge base

To configure the delivery method:

  1. Go to Administration → Alerts Configuration → Delivery methods.
  2. Select PagerDuty in the left-hand panel, then click the New button. The Create a New Delivery Method window appears.

  3. Enter the required information:

    Name A unique name that identifies this specific delivery method. 
    Service Key Enter the service API Key of the Devo service that is set up in PagerDuty. 
    Client A title or ID for your service.
    Client URL It shows a link in every alert you receive.
    Timezone This is the timezone that will be used to calculate when alerts can be sent based upon the permitted sending schedules defined in alert policies that use this delivery method.
    Language The language in which to send the alert content.
  4. Click the Save button. A PagerDuty message with a code is send to the PagerDuty account. This activation code must be validated on the server side before the delivery method can be used. 

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