Setting up an Email type delivery method

Create email type delivery methods for each member of your organization who should be able to receive alert notifications by email.

In addition to setting up delivery methods for individual email users, use email distribution list addresses to create delivery methods that can reach all members of a work team.

To establish an email type delivery method:

  1. Go to Administration → Alerts Configuration → Delivery methods.
  2. Select Email in the left-hand panel, then click the New button. The Create a New Delivery Method window appears.

  3. Enter the required information:

    Name A unique name that identifies this specific delivery method. 
    Email The email address where the alerts should be sent. This can be for a user or for a group.
    Timezone This is the timezone that will be used to calculate when alerts can be sent based upon the permitted sending schedules defined in alert policies that use this delivery method.
    Language The language in which to send the alert content.
  4. Click the Save button. The new method is saved in Pending status. A validation e-mail is sent to the email address which must be confirmed before this delivery method can be used.

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