Connecting with Power BI

Before starting this procedure, open the Devo web application and go to Administration → Data Management → Api/OData. Identify the Odata feed that you want to link to and select More Info from the feed's ellipsis menu. This opens the Feed Info window where you can copy the OData URL of the feed and the necessary authentication credentials. Keep this open for easy access.

  1. Open Power BI and select Get Data → OData feed.
  2. Copy the feed's OData URL from Devo and paste it in the URL field of the OData feed window. Click OK.
  3. If you selected No authentication when creating the OData feed, you can directly click Connect. If you selected Domain authentication or Standard authentication when creating the OData feed, select Basic and enter your User name and Password, then click Connect.

  4. A preview of the data is displayed. Select Load.

  5. The data appears now in Power BI and you can start to build visualizations.

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