Provisioning API

The Devo Provisioning API can be used to:

  • Get the certificates associated to specific Devo domains.
  • Retrieve information of users and domains.
  • Create, update, delete and modify Devo domains, and also enable or disable them. 
  • Create, update, delete and modify Devo users, and also enable or disable them.
  • Get lists of available reseller domains and users in a specific domain.
  • Retrieve and update a domain's plan configuration and ingestion limits in Devo.
  • Retrieve lists of plans associated to a reseller and information of specific plans.

To perform a request with the Provisioning API, use the endpoint for your Devo region.



See the Devo Provisioning API documentation to see the paths you can add to the URL in order to perform the available types of requests.

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