Send requests with Postman

Postman is an application that allows you to build and test API requests. You can use it to add the required headers and parameters to your API v2 query request, send it and get the response back. You can download the application here.

To try the process out, download this ZIP file and import the files in Postman to send 3 different API v2 requests. The ZIP file contains:

  • A file including 3 different sample query requests.
  • Two different environments (USA and Europe). Select the required one depending on your region.

To start the process:

  1. Open Postman and select Import.

  2. In the Import window, click Choose Files and select the 3 files in the ZIP you downloaded.
  3. Select the required environment in the dropdown list at the top right corner (Devo EU or Devo USA). These environments include the endpoint URL of each region and the timestamp, so you don't need to set them.

  4. In Devo, go to Administration → Credentials. In the Access Keys tab, click Create new API key if you have not generated any API key/secret yet. Select Show in both Api Key and Api Secret columns and copy the content. Learn more in the Credentials section.
  5. Go back to Postman and click the eye icon to enter the API key and API secret in the corresponding rows, clicking the pencil icon next to the Current value column fields. This way, your requests are now authorized.

  6. Select the Collections tab at the left area of the application and click Api V2 Examples to see the 3 examples included in the file:
  7. Choose the required one and click Pre-request Script to check the parameters of the request.

  8. All the parameters are already set in these samples, so just click Send to perform the request. You will see the response in the bottom part.

    If you get a 'not valid timestamp' error message in your response, try to activate the set time automatically option in your computer configuration settings.

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