Devo dashboards represent sets of queries running in a loop and saving periodically specified aggregation values per monitored subject (keys). You can fill your dashboard with several widgets that fetch this data periodically to create graphical representations. Dashboards allow you to create visualizations of your search queries and build interactive reports to depict the current status of metrics and key performance indicators of your data.

This is an example of a dashboard filled with several widgets:

Generating dashboards

To manage your dashboards or create a new one, select Dashboards from the navigation panel.

These are the 3 steps to follow in order to create a dashboard and fill it with widgets:

  1. Setup a data source
  2. Create a new dashboard
  3. Working with dashboard widgets

Once a dashboard has been created, you can add more widgets, share or delete it. To see all the options, check our article about Configuring and sharing dashboards.

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