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Configuring and sharing dashboards

Once created, you can fine-tune the dashboard and share it using the options available in the dashboard menus.


Select Preferences to access several configuration options regarding dashboards and widgets.

Settings Edit the general and layout settings you specified when creating the dashboard. For details about the settings available, see Create a new dashboard.
Global configuration Select this option to change all the widgets configuration. First, specify which widget the configuration should apply to, and then choose the subjects (keys) that can be controlled. If many dashboard data sources are used, they need to have a unique key name.
Clone Duplicate the current dashboard and all its widgets.
Line widget configuration Check and apply your Line chart custom styles. Go to the Customize your line chart article to learn more about this.
Delete Delete the dashboard and all its widgets.


Select Share to access different sharing options for your dashboard.

Select Share to let all the users in the domain see the dashboard. Select Unshare to make it for your use only. If Unshare appears in the menu, this means the dashboard is currently shared.
Publish/Remove Publication Share the dashboard as an application in the Applications area. Select Remove Publication to remove it from the Applications area. If Publish appears in the menu, this means the dashboard is not currently shared as an application.

Create an URL to share the dashboard with other users. Permalinks are easy to exchange (e.g. via email) and can be used securely, as you need to have access to Devo and access rights to shared dashboards in order to view them. The link will not provide access to live data, rather you define the time range that users of the permalink will view in the dashboard. All permalinks are saved in Data Management → Permalinks. Go to the Data Management article to learn more about this.

Download as PDF Download the dashboard as a PDF file. You can select which widgets you want to include.


You can choose between different options regarding the data refresh frequency of the dashboard. This will affect all the widgets in the dashboard.

No refresh selected Default option. No refresh option will be applied.
Refresh Choose a refresh interval (30s, 1m, 5m or 1h).
Date Range
Widgets will show data from the time interval selected.
Load to Widgets will show data until the ending date selected.

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