Create a new dashboard

After setting up a data source, you can create a dashboard. To do it:

  1. Go to the Dashboards area and click Add Dashboard.

  2. Enter the required information in the Create New Dashboard window.

    This table lists and describes the fields in this window. Click Save once you finish.

    Dashboard Name Enter a name for the dashboard.
    Description Enter a description for the dashboard.
    Column distribution Choose the way you want your dashboard to display widgets. There are several options, with recommendations based on device type.
    Set as Default Dashboard Select this option to make this the dashboard that is displayed by default when you enter Dashboards area.
    Theme Choose a visual theme for the dashboard: Default or Minimal black (widgets with bigger labels and fonts). If you select the latter, you can choose headers size and alignment.
    Headers size Only available if you choose the Minimal black theme. Choose between Normal or Big.
    Headers alignment Only available if you choose the Minimal black theme. Choose between LeftCenter or Right.
    Show widgets description Select this option if you want to display the descriptions under the widget titles in the dashboard.
    Blocked widgets Select this option to block the dashboard widgets so that only the owner of the dashboard can edit them.
    Double click on widget title to expand Only available if you select Blocked widgets. Select this option if you want to be able to enlarge a widget to full screen by double-clicking its title in the dashboard.

Once created, the dashboard's name will appear in a dropdown list at the top of the screen. Select it to add another dashboard or select from among other exisiting dashboards. 

  • Click the star next to the dashboard's name in the list to make it your default dashboard.
  • Click the heart next to the dashboard's name in the list to mark the dashboard as a favorite. Your favorite dashboards are listed in the Favorite Dashboards area of your Home page.

Once you have created the dashboard, you can start adding widgets to it.

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