Setup a data source

Before creating a dashboard, an Admin user needs to set up a data source:

  • Data sources are a mechanism used to automatically feed dashboard widgets or any customized monitoring applications in real-time.
  • You can have multiple dashboard data sources running at the same time and using the same or different data tables. 
  • All created data sources generate an aggregation task that can be activated/deactivated.

Follow these steps to create a new data source:

  1. Go to Data Search and run the query that generates the data you require for your dashboard widget. 

  2. Click the gear icon and select New Dashboard Data Source.

  3. The New Dashboard Data Source window appears. Enter the required information and click Create

    This table lists and describes the fields in this window. 

    Name Enter a name for the data source.
    Description Enter a description of the data source.
    Tags Enter tags that help categorize the data source.
    Build From Enter the date from which you want to start collecting data.
    Minimum Aggregation Period Select how often you want data to be aggregated. Choose between 1 minute5 minutes, 1 hour or Auto (default option).
    In real time Check this option if you want data to be sent in real time. If not checked, use the Delay field to specify the maximum acceptable time difference between the current time and the last event displayed.
  4. The system notifies you that generating the aggregation task from the data source may take a few minutes. Click Yes. You will see a notification message once the aggregation task is generated.

    Since aggregation tasks have an impact on the overall system, Devo limits the number of active aggregation tasks per user.

Admin users can check all aggregation tasks and activate/deactivate them in the Aggregation Tasks tab of the Administration → Data Management area. Go to the Data management article to learn more about this.

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