Availability timeline widget

About the availability timeline

The availability timeline widget arranges events along a timeline, using color to indicate times of availability and unavailability for each data group. 

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options of this widget: 

Widget title Enter a descriptive title for the widget.
Widget description Enter a description of the widget.
Widget size Select the size of the widget window in the dashboard layout. The units are columns x rows. For example, 3x2 will fit the widget across three columns and two rows.
Time Range Specify the period of time over which you want to analyze data in the diagram. You can choose from 1 hour up to 1 year.
Group by Specify the grouping period for events in the timeline. For example, if you choose 5 minutes, the timeline will generate event counts for each five minute period. If in any of the 5 minute periods there were no events, that period will be displayed in red in the timeline.
Timeline title Enter a label for the availability timeline which will appear immediately above the chart. The time period shown is displayed underneath the label. If no label is entered, the default label, Data Availability Plot, will be used.
Available data title Enter a label for the periods with available data (shown in green) to be used in the legend. If no label is entered, the default label, Data available, will be used.
Not available data title Enter a label for the periods with no data available (shown in red) to be used in the legend. If no label is entered, the default label, No data available, will be used.
Availability threshold Select the number of events that represents the threshold between no data available and data available. The default is 0. However, if you enter 20 time periods with less than 20 events will appear in red (not available data) while time periods with 20 or more will appear in green.
Actions Add or remove elements of the grouping field.
Field to show Select the aggregated field to use as the events in the timeline.


Here's an example of an activity timeline widget created from a data source that contains information about firewall activity. 

  • The Time Range is set to 6 hours so when we view the widget, it will always show the last 6 hours of data. 
  • The Group by period is set to 5 min which means that the events are totaled for each 5 minute period along the timeline.
  • Field to show - Count  

Mouse over the Group by periods along the timeline to open tooltips with the count details for each period.

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