Color world map widget

About the color world map widget

The color world map widget shows country data on a map where the intensity of the color of each country reflects its value with respect to other country values. Users can mouse over a country to display a tooltip containing the aggregate value for the country.

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options of this widget: 

Widget title Enter a descriptive title for the widget.
Widget description Enter a description of the widget.
Widget size Select the size of the widget window in the dashboard layout. The units are columns x rows. For example, 3x2 will fit the widget across three columns and two rows.
Time Range Specify the period of time over which you want to analyze data in the diagram. You can choose from 1 hour up to 1 year.

Add or remove elements of the grouping field. For this type of widget, it is necessary that your data source provide a aggregate value per country.

Field to show Select the aggregated field to use as the aggregated country data.
Title Enter a title to appear directly above the map. In the example above, the Widget title is undefined so the default value Color World Map is displayed for the widget. However, Web Access by Country is defined and appears directly above the map.
Unit of measurement Enter the unit of measurement as needed. This describes the Field to show data and will appear in a tooltip when the user mouses over a country.
Unit description Enter a description of the unit as needed. This will appear after the Field to show value in the tooltip when the user mouses over a country. For example, Population 8,867,990 people.
Data operation Choose between Log (logarithmic) or Linear
Show selectors Select ON to show the Data operation and Gradient reduction selectors in the widget


The following widget illustrates the number of web hits by country over the last week.

  • The Time Range is set to 1 week.
  • The Field to show is the count of web hits.
  • The Actions are All of the countries that have been the source of web hits over the Time Range
  • The Title is defined as Web Access by Country.
  • The Unit of measurement is defined as Access and appears in the tooltip.
  • The Unit description is undefined so the default value of units appears in the tooltip.
  • Show selectors is set to ON so we see the two selectors, Data operation and Gradient reduction above the map.


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