Heat calendar widget

About the google heatmap widget

The heat calendar widget builds a matrix-style calendar where there are rows for the days of the week and months and weeks are the columns. Each cell is a single day, color-coded based based on aggregated value that corresponds to that day. The result is an at-a-glance way to identify trends over time.

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options of this widget: 

Widget title Enter a descriptive title for the widget.
Widget description Enter a description of the widget.
Widget size Select the size of the widget window in the dashboard layout. The units are columns x rows. For example, 3x2 will fit the widget across three columns and two rows.
Actions Add the values of the grouping to the widget.
Field to show Select the aggregated field that contains the data to be plotted on the calendar.
Data Operation Apply one of the available operations to the data. Select None, Log or Arctan
Show selectors

Select ON to show the Data operation and Gradient reduction selectors in the widget. This allows users of the dashboard to fine-tune the way they visualize the data in the widget.


The widget below is a sample of the web server activity for the last year with the following configuration:

  • Field to show - count 

Move the mouse over the color bar to highlight the selected color in the calendar. 

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