Customize your line chart

There are several default line chart styles that you can apply to determine the display of your chart. However, you also have the option of creating new, custom styles that you can save for repeated use by you and other users of your Devo domain. 

The simplest way of creating a custom line chart style is to select one of the default styles and then click the Copy selected to personalize button. This will open a box that displays the CSS script that defines the style. You can edit the settings in this box, then save the configuration. 

Creating a new custom line chart style

  1. Select one of the predefined chart styles, then click the Copy selected to personalize button.

  2. The CSS editor opens showing the script for the selected style. Modify the CSS styles as needed. Imagine you want to edit the default background and line colors. To do it, locate the color properties and modify them as required.

  3. Click the Save configuration to use in other line charts button. The Name and Description fields appear. Enter values for these fields, then click the Save configuration in the domain button to make this new style available to anyone who creates line charts in the current domain.

  4. Click Update to apply the settings. 

Working with custom line chart styles

Once saved to the domain, the new style is available to apply to all line charts created by users in the current domain. Set Style to Personalized, then use the Select a configuration dropdown list.

Select Preferences → Line widget configurations in the dashboard view to see a list of all custom styles, edit their names and descriptions, or delete styles as needed.

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