Monitoring widget

About the monitoring widget

The monitoring widget uses green, yellow and red color-coding to indicate the current levels of activity. For example, to monitor servers and their average response times.

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options of this widget: 

Widget title Enter a descriptive title for the widget.
Widget description Enter a description of the widget.
Widget size Select the size of the widget window in the dashboard layout. The units are columns x rows. For example, 3x2 will fit the widget across three columns and two rows.
Get value for last period of The current period to monitor. This could be the last one minute or the last 30 days. The smaller the time period, the more dynamic the monitor.
Actions Add or remove elements of the grouping field. Select All to include all values. Each value will be a signal in the monitor widget.
Field to show Select the aggregated field to use as the data to measure. This might be, for example, a count, average or sum.
Unit of measurement Enter a term that describes values for the Field to show. For example, USD, milliseconds, or web hits.
Result format Choose the desired format for the display of numeric values. The values will appear in tooltips and, optionally as part of the signal labels if you set Show result to ON.
Show result Select ON to display the signal numeric value as part of the signal label.
Upper limit, Lower limit, and Reverse scale
These define the upper and lower limits of the middle of the scale. Anything above the upper limit will be shown in red, and anything below the lower limit will be shown in green. However, if you wish the display the lower values in red and the higher values in green, you can set Reverse scale to ON. The example to the right describes the color legend.


The widget below is a sample of the monitoring ISP response time with the following configuration:

  • Time Range - 1 day 
  • Field to show - Average (responseTime)
  • Upper limit / Lower limit
    • Green - Values under 33
    • Yellow - Values between 33 and 66
    • Red - Values above 66

Move the mouse over the widget to obtain the average (responseTime) of the last day.

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