Tree diagram widget

About the tree diagram widget

The tree diagram widget is useful for showing the possible sequence of events from a single starting point or other hierarchies. The branches represent possible events or dependencies from their point of origin and each branch may lead to one or more sub-branches. The thickness of each branch is based upon the aggregated value associated with the branch.

Configuration options

The following table lists the configuration options of this widget:

Widget title Enter a descriptive title for the widget.
Widget description Enter a description of the widget.
Widget size Select the size of the widget window in the dashboard layout. The units are columns x rows. For example, 3x2 will fit the widget across three columns and two rows.
Time Range The period of time for which you want to analyze data in a single view of the chart. You can choose from 1 hour up to 1 year.
Actions Add or remove elements of the grouping field. Select All to include all values. The selected actions will determine the branches, and levels, that will be drawn.
Field to show Select from among the available aggregated fields. The field selected here will determine the thickness of each branch in the diagram.
Show detailed information This determines what information will be displayed in the tooltips for each branch node in the diagram. Select ON to show the total aggregated value of the selected branch and it's children. Select OFF to show simply the count of sub-branches.
Enable zoom mode This determines the default setting of the Zoom button displayed in the widget. Select ON to display the widget in zoom mode or OFF to display it in full tree mode. Regardless of this selection, users of the dashboard will be able to toggle zoom mode when using the widget.


This example below uses a tree diagram to illustrate the origin of web hits over the last week by country and city of origin, then by ISP.

  • Time Range is set to 1 week.
  • Field to show is set to count. 
  • Actions is set to All. However, if we wanted to analyze only web traffic from the USA, then we would select US for country and All for the other fields, then add the Action.

Hide/show branches by clicking + / -

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