Charts are visual representations of information that facilitate data analysis. Charts are created directly from query results. Devo groups charts into three types:


Plots graphically illustrate the relationship between different variables.


Maps plot activities on a geographic map.


Diagrams summarize and group information to visually highlight comparative quantities.

Build a chart

  1. Go to Data Search and run the required query.
  2. Click the gear icon in the table toolbar and select Charts to see the different types of charts under the three main levels: PlotsMaps and Diagrams. Choose the required one.

  3. Drag the required columns to the fields in the window to display the chart. Each chart is defined by a set of attributes and values. If you select the information icon next to these attributes, it will show the type of value it is expected to contain.

    Some of the charts have their own information icon that retrieves some tips or keyboard shortcuts.

Check out the following articles to see the values that each specific type of chart requires.

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