Graph diagram


The graph diagram is a theoretical representation of at least two data nodes and the connections between them. The data nodes can be servers, accounts, persons, events, locations, or other categories. The relationships between nodes reflect how two nodes are associated to each other. They mainly contain information about the connections between nodes, very useful to follow up a path between nodes. But they can also refer to the relation values, such as the number of relations, importance, results of any calculation, etc. These values are very helpful to weight the relationships. 

Here are some use cases for which the graph diagram can be particularly useful:  

  • Social network analysis, clustering, influence detection.
  • Detection and analysis of fraud or attack.
  • Graph-based searches.
  • Inventory and management of IT network resources, mapping quality of service, or analysis of root cause.
  • Master data management, ownership or hierarchical organization.
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Check this article for a practical case where the graph diagram is used to check accesses to dangerous sites.

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