Cross-Search Line Chart


The Cross-search line chart lets you combine data from two separate tables to create a graph that compares similar data side by side in the form of a vertical bar/line graph. 

Creating the Cross-Search Line Chart

  1. Go to Data Search and open the two tables you want to use.

  2. In one of the tables, select Additional tools → Graphical Correlation → Cross-search Line Chart from the query toolbar. The Cross-Search Line Chart window appears.
  3. Click and drag the required column to the Signals field in the window. Note that the values must be numbers.

  4. Switch to the second query. Then, click and drag the required column to the same box.
  5. The line chart appears. You can leep on adding columns from those tables or other ones if needed.

Click the paintbrush icon to display the options for customizing your chart. The customizing options of the cross-search line chart are the same than the chart aggregation graph. Go to Customizing your chart aggregation to learn more about these customizing options.

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