Query Info

The Query Info submenu contains tools for:

  • Customizing how you view the query on-screen.
  • Accessing and editing query meta-information.
  • Using and sharing the query.

The following table describes the tools in the Query Info menu:

Toggle Chart Show/hide the chart above the data table, which shows the distribution of the events over the time.
Toggle Search Tree Display a tree map showing the operations applied to the original data table. Learn more in Toggle search tree.
Toggle Query Editor Display all the modifications over the data table in query scripting language (LINQ). Learn more in Toggle query editor.
Toggle Execution Info Show information related to memory comsumption and row counts. See Best practices for data search for more information.
Rename Search Enter an alias to easily identify your query. You can select the Mark as Finder Entry Point checkbox in the Alias editor window to create quick-access link to the query. Go to Aliased finder for further information.
Comment Query Enter a description of a specific query. Users that access the query can check the description in this field.
Table Description

Enter a description for the data table. Go to Data Search → Finder and select the ellipsis icon of the required table tag to see its description.

Get Id Get the query unique ID number to be used when working with the Devo API services.
Table Size Check the number of events loaded in the table.
OData URI Generate a query OData feed to use the data in external tools. Go to OData API feeds management for more information.
Download Download a query in different formats. See Download to learn more.
Share Query Share a query with other users or domains. Check out Sharing queries to learn how to do it.
Favorite Mark a query as a favorite to easily access and share it. Learn more in Favorite queries.

Create a template to work on incognito mode, that is, any modification you perform on the data table will not be saved. To keep on working, you can clone your query selecting the incognito mode icon that appears on the toolbar.

Finder Entry Point Create quick-access links to queries frequently used in a specific finder. Go to Aliased finder for further information.

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