Custom finders

About custom finders

Not all users require access to all of the data tables managed in Devo. In fact, it's probably true that some data tables should only be accessed by a limited number of people. Similarly, if a finder contains a large number tables that you don't need access to, the visual noise that those tables create can make it harder to find what you need.

So, to restrict and/or streamline your users' access to your company's data tables, you can create custom finders. Custom finders are simply hand-picked subsets of data tables designed to facilitate access to data for different user profiles.

Once created, a custom finder can be assigned to one or more roles. This will make the custom finder available for use by users with that role.

This is how users will access the custom finders that are assigned to the roles they possess.

Here's more information about working with custom finders:

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