Assigning a custom finder to a role

After creating a custom finder, users with the necessary permissions can assign it to a role. This means that users with that role will have access to the finder. 

Not all roles may be assigned a custom finder. You can assign a custom finder to the built-in No Privileges role or to custom roles that have the permission to view finders. Also, the Admin role does not have a default finder since it already has permission to access all finders and all data tables.

  1. Go to Administration → Roles. The Roles Management window opens.

  2. Select the role from the lateral navigation tabs.

  3. Select the custom finder in the Finders drop-down list.

  4. Click Apply Changes. The next time a user with this role logs in to Devo and goes to Data Search, the selected custom finder will be available to them in the finder drop-down list.

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