Creating a custom finder

Users who have permissions to manage finders, like those with the Admin role, can create new custom finders.

  1. Go to Data Search.
  2. In the Finder tab, click New Finder.  

  3. The New Custom Finder window appears. Enter a Name and Description for the new finder. Select the Auto-reloading checkbox if you want any new tables to be added to the finder.  Leave this unselected if you prefer to add new tables to the relevant finders manually so that you have a chance to determine which kinds of users will need access to the new data.  

    Click Create.  

  4. The new finder opens in edit mode. The lists of tag levels appears with toggles to include or exclude tables from the finder. Use them to include only the tables that you want to appear in your new custom finder. To facilitate the selection, there are also toggles at the top of each level to easily include or exclude all levels in the list.

  5. Click Finish editing when you are ready to apply the selections you have made to the new finder.

Now that you have the new finder, you can assign it to a role.

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