Data reinjection

Data reinjection allows you to create a new table using data from an already existing table. You can modify and enrich the data as required and inject only the necessary information into the new table. Data reinjection may be used, for example, to create a table including only the data you need to work with from a very large table. Tables where data is injected always start with and will include data from the moment you created the injection.

The data injection is done in real-time. This means that you cannot inject data in the past, but only events that are currently collected by Devo.

To perform a data injection:

  1. Go to Data Search and open the table you want to use as a source for your injection. Modify it as needed applying filters, operations, hiding columns, etc. to get only the data you want to inject in the new table.

  2. Click the gear icon in the table toolbar and select Table Operations → Inject into

  3. Fill the required fields in the Inject in window.

    The following table describes the fileds in the Inject in window: 

    Name Enter a name for the data injection.
    Description Enter a description for the data injection. Decide the tag for the new table that will contain the injected data. The first two levels are always and you can decide the name of the other two levels.
    Send to other domain Send the injected data to a different domain. Select one of the two available options:
    • A domain owned by me - Send the new table to one of the domains your user belongs to. Select the required one from the list.
    • External domain - Send the new table to an external domain. You must enter the domain name and API key.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

After the injection has been performed, go to Data Search and select my → app in the Finder to access all the tables where you injected data.

Injections can be managed from Administration → Data management, in the Injections tab. Check the Data Management article to learn more.

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