Favorite queries

Queries saved as favorites are available to easily re-run and to share with other Devo users in your domain. Favorite queries are listed in the bottom pane of the Data Search → Finder area. Mark as favorite any queries that you will use frequently or queries that are complex to define.

The Favorite Queries pane lists the queries and facilitates several related actions.

The actions below correspond to the numbers in the capture above.

  1. Filter by locked or findable queries. 
  2. Filter the queries run within a recent time period; from the last hour to the last year. 
  3. Filter the queries by keywords.
  4. Hover over a query alias to see the LINQ script in a tooltip and copy it to the clipboard.
  5. Select the ellipsis icon at the end of a row to access the following options:
    • Manage tags - Add new tags or delete existing ones.
    • Share - Share queries with specific users or domains. Go to Sharing queries to learn more.
    • Delete - Delete the query from the favorite list.

  6. Click the lock icon to lock the query and prevent it from being modified from any users who can also access and run the query. Click the magnifying glass icon to add the query to the Aliased finder.

Marking a query as a favorite

There are three ways to mark a query as a favorite:

  • From the Data Search → Last Queries area, click the heart symbol at the end of the row.
  • After running a search, click the gear icon from the toolbar, then select Query Info → Favorite.

  • After running a search, click the heart icon next to the query under the Data Search option in the navigation panel.

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