Dynamic lookups

Dynamic lookups allow you to use the content of a query to create a lookup directly from the data table. New data sets can be added to the lookup to keep it updated, or you can define a specific time range. To create a dynamic lookup: 

  1. Go to Data Search and access the required table.
  2. In the data table toolbar, click the gear icon and then select Table Operations → New Dynamic Lookup.
  3. The New Dynamic Lookup window appears. Enter the required information.

    This table lists the fields in the window:

    Name Give a name to the dynamic lookup.
    Data columns Drag to this field the data columns you want to add to the lookup.
    Key column Select one of the columns added as key column. See the Lookup management article to learn more about this.
  4. Click Save settings

Dynamic lookups are stored along with common lookups in Data Search → Lookup Management. The Mode column shows Dynamic for dynamic lookups and nothing for normal lookups.

To add values from a dynamic lookup to a data table, follow the steps explained in the Lookup management article.

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