Table toolbar features

The table toolbar contains a wide range of options you can use to transform the table data into the final model needed for proper reporting. 

The table toolbar can be customized to provide quick access to the tools that you use most frequently. 

  1. Select the gear icon on the toolbar. Navigate to the tool in the list, then select and drag it to the table toolbar. The icon will appear as the first tool in the toolbar.

  2. Select the gear icon on the toolbar again, then select Panel → Save Panel to save the new table toolbar configuration.

Here are a few other ways to customize the table toolbar:

  • Change the order that the tools appear in the toolbar by dragging and dropping them to a different position in the toolbar.
  • To remove an icon from the table toolbar, select, hold, and move it to the dynamic trash bin.
  • To restore the default toolbar configuration, select the gear icon on the toolbar, then select Panel → Reset Panel.

Find below the list of features you can find in the default table toolbar:

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