Viewing column info

When viewing a data table, you will often want to filter for or isolate specific values. This article describes several ways of working with column data to help you find what you are looking for. 

Column info menu

Hover over a column header and a down-arrow icon appears. Now, hover over the icon to display the column shortcut menu. This menu conveniently shows the top 10 values found in the column and their percentage of the total number of unique values. The menu also provides some other shortcuts:

  • Highlight - Highlight the selected column to increase its visual impact.
  • Expand/Shrink - Expand or contract the selected column.
  • Hide - Hide the column. Once hidden, you can unhide columns by clicking the Search column layout icon in the table toolbar and selecting the column checkbox from the list.

The column info menu also allows you to filter the column data in two different ways:

Filter column data using the OR selector

The column shortcut menu displays the top 10 values that occur in the column with a check box next to each value. Select the check box of any value from this list and the Operations Over Columns window appears, with the OR tab open. Now select at least one more value from the list to add it to the Or filter. Select the operators that define the filter you wish to apply and select Apply.

Let's look at an example using the table. We want to look at the session events that had a status code of either OK (200) or Bad request (400).

  1. In the statusCode column shortcut menu, select the checkboxes for the two errors, 200 and 400. The Operation Over Columns window opens.

  2. By default, the operators selected are Equal which, in this case, suits us. Click Apply. The data table is now filtered to show only the events with the selected status code.

Another way to apply this filter is by clicking the OR filter icon in the table toolbar and then select the columns and values you want to filter by.

Filter column data using the search box

The column shortcut menu contains a search box. Enter a string into this box to filter for those column values that start with the string.

Let's look at an example using the table. We want to filter all the events with status code values between 400 and 451.

  1. Enter 4 into the filter text box in the statusCode column shortcut menu. The list in the shortcut menu is immediately filtered to show only those values that start with 4.

  2. Check the boxes next to all the filtered values. The Operations Over Columns window appears, with the OR tab open.

  3. Selecy Apply. The table is now filtered to show only those events that meet the filter criteria. 

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