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Devo video tutorials

This article gathers all the video tutorials in the Devo docs, categorized according to the areas they deal with. Under each video, you will find the articles where they are originally published as well as other related pages.

Data search

The videos in this section explain how Devo data search works and define some use cases where you will learn how to get specific data using the operations available in the data table.

Introduction to Devo queries

 Learn the basics of the Devo data search engine in this video.

Enhancing streaming data with Devo

See where users access from using Devo capabilities.

DNS traffic analytics

Analyze DNS traffic using a Cross-Search Sankey diagram.

Analyzing website visits

Check how to get information from a website using Devo.

Analyzing website status codes

 Use Devo operations to analyze the status codes of a server.

Analyzing the OS of website visitors

Get customer data using Devo data table features. 

Analyzing web session numbers and durations

Compare the duration of accesses to a website using Devo.

Data upload

Watch these videos to learn how to upload data to Devo from different sources and analyze it using the platform capabilities.

Uploading local file data 

Find out how to send to Devo data in local files or Dropbox.

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These videos show how to work with some of the charts you can create in Devo through different examples.

Visualizing data with Devo Voronoi diagram

Learn how to use the Voronoi chart watching this use case.

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Monitoring access to malicious websites

Use the Graph chart to check accesses to dangerous sites.



Discover more about relays, the way they work and how to configure their settings watching the videos in this section.

Setting up a virtual appliance based relay

Learn to install the In-house Relay using a virtual machine.


Sending data

These videos deal with Devo event sending process, how to configure your machine to send events to the application, monitor events...

Monitoring Windows machines with Devo

Monitor Windows systems' data using Devo Windows agent.

Monitoring Unix machines with Devo

Monitor Unix systems using the Devo monitoring package.


Learn more about the Administration area of the Devo application: adding users and roles, managing security credentials...

Managing credentials in Devo

 This video explains how to access Devo security credentials.

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Panels are a useful feature to graphically represent different processes and activities. Learn more about them in this section.

Using Devo panels

Learn how to create a panel and extract information from it.

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