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The system monitoring statistics logs are labeled with the  box.stat.os.type tag.

These labels are managed directly by a Devo agent that you can install in your systems:

  • Devo-monitor package for Linux systems
  • MonitorApp agent for Windows systems

The agents gather information about the use of machine resources (CPU, memory, disk, network, etc.) and send it to Devo periodically using the box.stat tag. The information reported by these agents can be checked on Devo application in two ways:  

  • From the Data Search area, by consulting the content of these tables directly
  • From the Applications → System Monitoring area

Tag structure

The element os is fixed and it identifies the operating system. 

The element type is also fixed and it identifies the group of statistics that are being sent. This element can have one of the following values:

  • dstat-lt1 (general statistics about CPU consumption, memory, network, etc.)
  • diskstat (detailed statistics about the behavior of the machine disks) 
  • tags (set of labels in case the machine has being tagged on the source)

For more information on how tags work, check the Introduction to tags article.

Tag examples

  • box.stat.unix.dstat-lt1
  • box.stat.unix.diskstat
  • box.stat.unix.tags

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