System configuration

Devo can index any type of data:

  • OS data
  • Web logs
  • Application logs
  • Network feeds
  • System metrics
  • Proprietary applications
  • Structured/unstructured data
  • Social networks
  • Devo does not need connectors to parse events. Devo receives and stores the events as they are generated.
  • You can set up the system to send data using its native transmission mechanism, configuring Devo agents or using a relay.

Types of inputs

  • Devo In-house Relay listens on each specified port (controlled by rules).
  • Devo monitors text-based log files. 
  • It can also receive and load files such as CSV, XML, CDR and other text-based files.
  • Scripts - Devo runs a script and collects the output.

Manual configuration

You can configure your *Nix servers manually to send information to Devo in a secure/non-secure way via:

  • Syslog
  • Rsyslog
  • Syslog-ng

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