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Devo receives all events from most data sources exactly as they were generated and without any data loss.

There are two ways of sending data to Devo:

  • In-House Relay - For customers with their own infrastructure, Devo provides an In-house Relay that can be used to securely send data using virtualization software (VMWare, VirtualBox, and two versions of Hyper-V). The relay is available for download and must be configured to suit the needs of the connection.
  • Fast Sending - This uses an endpoint for sending data from a non-virtualized data source.

Setting up a relay

To set up a new relay in Devo:

  1. Go to Administration → Relays and click Add new relay.
  2. Choose the type of relay you wish to set up:
    • If you want to use the In-house Relay, select the virtualization software you will use in the left area to download it.

    • If you want to send data quickly through a clear channel, activate the switch button in the right area.

      After enabling fast sending, go back to the relays list clicking the Back button. You will see two new relays appearing in the grid: a secure relay (recommended) and an unsecure relay. Click their names to see the commands you need to enter in Rsyslog / Syslog-ng to configure them.

      In case you want to use the unsecure relay, you must authorize the required IP address selecting ON and then clicking Apply configuration.

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