In-house Relay configuration

After creating a relay, you can review and edit its configuration settings. Go to Administration → Relays.

  1. Open the relay's ellipsis menu and select Edit.
  2. Select the Relay Config tab. Review and edit the form fields as needed.

    The following table describes fields used to configure the In-house Relay:

    Process Memory Buffer (Megabytes)

    Maximum size of the memory buffer which hosts events that for whatever reason could not be sent. If this buffer fills up, additional events will be stored in the disk buffer. The default value is 256 MB.

    Process Disk Buffer (Megabytes)

    Maximum size of the disk buffer which stores the overflow events when the memory buffer is full. If this buffer fills up, the oldest events will be discarded. The default value is 2048 MB.

    Socket Timeout The number of seconds you want the socket to be open after receiving the last event. You may want to increase the timeout when, for example, you know that new events arrive in quick succession.
    Socket Keep Alive Select if you want to receive a signal to check that the socket is operating properly.
    Socket Buffer Size (Megabytes) Enter the buffer size of the TCP socket.
  3. Select Save when you're done.

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