Agent configuration for Unix systems

You can install a Devo agent on a Unix-based machine to enable it to send information to Devo. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Import the Devo repository public key using the following commands:

    sudo apt-key add PublicKey
    sudo gpg --import PublicKey
  2. Create a new .list file in your apt sources list:


    Example of <file_name>.list →  logtrust.list

  3. Add the Devo repository to the file:

    deb precise main
  4. Update and install the two Devo packages, logtrust-system and logtrust-monitor: 

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install logtrust-system logtrust-monitor
  5. Run the configuration script to set up the agent:

    sudo logtrust-system-configure
  6. The relay configuration setup process starts. First, specify the endpoint you want to use to send the system's logs directly to the cloud, then select OK.

    • EU → 
    • USA →
    • VDC/Spain → 

  7. The example from the above screenshot ( corresponds with the public (unsecured) Event Load Balancer (ELB), not recommended by Devo as good practice. If you use this option, you will need to establish a secure tunnel with the endpoint (ELB) in order to encrypt the data transmission. To do so, select Yes when asked about the secure relay. 

  8. Enter the API key credential to download the necessary digital certificates. You can view and copy the API Key in Devo. Go to Administration → Credentials, then select the API Key link. To paste the API Key into the dialog box, use SHIFT+INS. Select OK.

  9. Click OK to confirm the certificate files.

  10. Because all events will now be tagged by the agent, use port 13000 to send the data to the In-house Relay. Enter <IP_In-House_Relay>:13000 (for example,

When sending the data to the relay, do not choose SECURE endpoint (since the relay is on your premises, there is no need of digital certificates or to encrypt the data).

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