Activating WMI

  1. Create a new user (for example, LogtrustMonitor) designed to be used to manage all Devo monitoring activity on your Windows network. 
  2. Add the user to the Performance Monitor Users and Event Log Readers groups. Open its properties window, select the Member Of tab and select both groups. Then click Apply.

  3. Go to the Services and Applications area and select WMI Control to open the WMI Control Properties window. Alternatively, you can run the wmimgmt.msc command.
    • In the Security tab, select Root → CIMV2.
    • Click Security to open the Security and add the Performance Monitor Users group to the list.
    • Enable the options Enable Account and Remote Enable.

  4. Run the dcomcnfg command.
    • Go to Component Services → Computers → My Computer and open My computer properties.
    • In the COM Security tab click Edit Limits for both Access Permissions and Launch and Activation Permissions.

  5. Add Performance Monitor Users and allow remote access, remote launch and remote activation.

  6. Go to Component Services → Computers → My Computer → DCOM Config and open Windows Management Instrumentation.

  7. Assign Remote Launch and Remote Activation privileges to the Performance Monitor Users group.

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