MagicLog configuration

You can find MagicLog.ese.config in the same folder where the application is installed. This file is an XML with the scheme of a .NET application configuration file.


In the appSettings area you can configure the following settings:

  • EnableFolders - Enables the sending of log files. The possible values are "true" and "false". 
  • PollingInterval - The interval in minutes between each complete logs shipment.
  • MaxDegreeOfParallelism - Number of parallel tasks to be launched when sending files. The value must be an integer greater than zero.


Within this section, there is a node called Elements. In this node you must configure each of the elements where files will be searched and shipped to Devo.

 In each element, configure the following values:

  • Name - the name that describes the item.
  • FolderPath - directory where it will be searched.
  • FilePattern - search string that must match the names of the files of FolderPath.
  • SearchOption - specifies if the search operation should only include the current directory or all sub-directories. The possible values are:
    • TopDirectoryOnly - only includes the current directory in a search operation
    •  AllDirectories -  includes the current directory and all sub-directories in a search operation.
  • LogTrustServer - server address for sending the logs. If ProxyServerContainer is used, then this value must be
  • Port - port of shipment of the logs. If you use ProxyServerContainer this value must be the TPC listening port of ProxyServerContainer.
  • SendingSecure - it indicates that shipping uses TLS/SSL. The name of the used certificate has to be the specified in section appSetings. If ProxyServerContainer is used, then this value must be "false". 
  • SenderTag - tag to be assigned when sending this element. If you want to concatenate variable values extracted from the file path, the tag set will include positions between braces.
    • Example - {0}. {1}. This example would include tokens 0 and 1 expressed in SenderTagPathPosList.
  • SenderTagPathPosList - the path to the file is separated into individual folders. In this setting we define the positions of the folder name that we want to concatenate to the element "SenderTag" (separated by commas).
  • Protocol - protocol use for the sending. The possible values are "true" and "false".
  • Facility - value of syslog "Facility" field.
  • Parser - regular expression that would be applied to each log event. If the value is empty, then it will be ignored. 
  • SelectParserGroups - used with the value "Parser". 
  • Separator - used with the value "Parser".
  • LineEndsWith - indicates the characters sequence that will be considered as the end of the line. Used with the value "Parser".
  • IgnoreLineStartsWith - ignores the log lines that begin with this value.
  • DeleteWhenFinished - it indicates if the file must be eliminated after sending the last line. Possible values are "true" and "false".
  • DeleteIfOlderThan - it deletes the files older than the age indicated in this field. The value should be expressed in hours.

The following fragment is an example of the appSettings and folderSection:

appSettings and folderSection example

        <!-- Globlal -->
        <add key="EnableFolders" value="true" />
        <!-- PollingInterval in minutes -->
        <add key="PollingInterval" value="1" />
        <add key="MaxDegreeOfParallelism" value="1" />
        <add key="CertiticateSubjectDistinguishedName" value="" />
        <add name="Uno" iscache="false"
             Parser="&lt;([A-Za-z0-9_]+?)&gt;([* A-Za-z0-9.:-]*?)&lt;/"      

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