Installing, configuring and uploading data with a Devo relay

This guided tutorial covers the process of installing and configuring a Devo relay using a virtual appliance and then using the replay to upload raw data.

There are many simple and advanced configurations possible for a relay, but this exercise provides basic instructions for its installation and configuration, and setting a rule-set which implements listening, tagging and forwarding for an emulated data stream. If you wish to send additional data to the relay, such as data from test or production sources, contact your Devo representative for further assistance.

  • A relay is a component that accepts source data events, streamed across a customer’s network, and forwards them via a secure tunnel to the Devo cloud repository.
  • It relays event data from a source to the Devo cloud in a secure way.
  • As part of the forwarding process, the relay can optionally tag the data, so as to identify the events for later access from the Devo repository.

To learn more about relays and how to use and configure them, see the Relays article.

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