Devo relay rules overview

The Devo relay uses rules to properly tag and forward data to the Devo cloud. The relay comes with a few built-in rules. For example, one of these rules allows data that has been already tagged at the source to pass through the relay with no further tagging. An example of this is when the Devo Agent is used to send event data from a Windows Host. The agent performs the tagging, so the relay just forwards the events. Rsyslog and SyslogNG can also be configured for tagging when forwarding data to the relay.

You can create custom rules to modify the way the relay behaves when forwarding data. 

These instructions provide the necessary settings to allow the relay to complete the specific data loading operation covered in this exercise. See In-house Relay rules for more information on this topic.

Creating a Devo relay rule

  1. Click Administration → Relays from the navigation panel.
  2. Locate the new relay from the list and select the ellipsis icon at the end of the row. Click Edit.
  3. Select the Add Rule button.

  4. Fill out the Rule Definition dialog. Only the following fields are necessary for this exercise:
    • Rule Name - Test Relay Operation
    • Source Port - 13006
    • Target Tag -

  5. Click Add Rule once you are done.

  6. Click Apply Configuration.

The relay will pick up the new rule on its next heartbeat, typically in less than 2 minutes.

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