Installing a Devo relay

There are several options for installing a Devo relay, including provisioning your own Ubuntu or CentOS server and using a package manager to download and install the required components.

However, for the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to use a virtual machine preinstalled with the Devo relay and several helper utilities. Therefore, we will start by installing the virtual machine into a hosting application; either Virtual Box or VMware Workstation.


Installing the Devo relay virtual machine

The steps below cover the use of both Virtual Box and VMware Workstation. Follow only the steps for the application you are using.

  1. Import the OVA image into the hosting application. When importing, default machine parameters are valid for this exercise, but would need to be modified in the case of relays with higher volume.

    • Virtual Box
      1. Click File → Import Appliance... 
      2. Browse to the OVA file and click Next → Import.

    • VMware
      1. Click File → Open.
      2. Provide a new name if desired and click Import.

  2. Configure the virtual machine networking settings to use a bridged adapter.
    • Virtual Box
      1. Right-click the virtual machine and select Settings.
      2. Go to the Network tab and set the Attached to: dropdown menu to Bridged Adapter.
      3. Click OK.

    • VMware Workstation
      1. Select the virtual machine and click VM → Settings.
      2. On the Hardware tab, select Network Adapter.
      3. Select Bridged: Connected directly to the physical network.
      4. Click OK.

  3. Power on the virtual machine.
    • Virtual Box
      1. Select the Devo relay virtual machine.
      2. Click the Start button. Note and close any mouse or keyboard warnings. The right CTRL button will release the mouse from the virtual machine’s control.
    • VMware Workstation
      1. Select the Devo relay virtual machine.
      2. Click the Power On button.

If you need more infromation about using either of the hosting applications, see the Virtual Box or VMWare websites.

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