Sending data to the Devo cloud through a relay

Now that you have installed the relay, configured its rules, and activated it, you are ready to test it. In this exercise, we will use the relay to import data from the markets.sample file and forward it to Devo.

Send the test data using the relay

  1. Use the SSH client session to download the markets.sample data file. This would be a good time to use PuTTY to help you copy and paste commands.
    • Run this command to download the file:

      cd /home/devo ; wget --no-check-certificate

    • Run ls to confirm that the markets.sample file was correctly downloaded. 

  2. Use the SSH client session and run this netcat (nc) command to send the data to the relay on port 13006.

    cd /home/devo/; nc localhost 13006 < markets.sample

    If no error messages are returned, we can be satisfied that the data was sent to the relay. Next, we will confirm it by using the Devo web application to find the imported data.

Confirm that the test data was delivered to Devo

  1. Log in to the Devo web application.
  2. Go to Data Search. The Finder area opens.
  3. We set the target tag for the data to when we set up the relay rules. So, select my in the first panel, app in the second one, then test and markets in the third and fourth panels respectively.

  4. The query window opens showing the events from the markets.sample file.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed, configured, and validated a Devo relay.

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