Monitoring Oracle databases

Devo can collect and ingest data from the Oracle Database Server.

  • You can import data directly by monitoring the standard and fine-grained audit trails, trace files, incident, alert, listener, and other logs on the operating system where the Oracle Database Server is installed. 
  • Through log file monitoring and field extraction, the database administrator can create alerts and dashboards to track in real time what errors, problems, or incidents occur to the database. 
  • You can use the In-house Relay to collect basic performance and inventory data from Oracle database tables. 
  • The database administrators can correlate events by using trace logs, inventory and performance metrics.

You can configure inputs for the following Oracle Database Server log files: 

  • Audit log
  • Alert log
  • Listener log
  • Incident log
  • Trace log
  • You can monitor the Oracle log files in XML format or plain text.
  • Usually, the XML-formatted logs have more verbose information and are easier to parse, but may occupy more OS disk space.
  • You can also customize the location and name of most log files in Oracle. 

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