Converting data types

When you upload data to Devo from a file, all data except for dates is assigned the string data type. For numerical expressions, this can cause errors during analysis. Therefore, it is important to review the data types of key fields and change them as needed.

In our example, we have uploaded the data and parsed the information into columns. Our table contains longitude and latitude coordinates that we can later use to visualize the table data on a map. But first, for this information to be understood as geographical coordinates, we need to change the data types of the Latitude and Longitude columns from strings to numbers.  

  1. First, click the Latitude column header to select the column. 
  2. Select Create Column in the toolbar.

  3. In the Create Column dialog box, open the Operation dropdown list and select To Float. This operation changes strings to numbers. Now, enter LatitudeFloat as the Column Name, then click Create Column.

  4. Repeat the same for the Longitude column, naming the new column LongitudeFloat. 

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