Creating a dashboard data source

Charts do not exist independently in Devo. They can be built and tested in a query as we did in the previous step. However, to make a chart persistently accessible, it must be part of a dashboard.

In order to add a chart ot a dashboard, you must first save the query necessary for generating the chart as a dashboard data source. This is what we'll do here.

  1. Click Additional Tools in the toolbar, then choose New Dashboard Data Source.

  2. The New dashboard data source dialog appears. Enter a Name and Description (optional, but helpful). In the Build From field you indicate the date you want the query to start from. Since the data was uploaded with the current date, set it to the current date. You can optionally add tags as well. Leave the default options for the rest of fields. When finished, click the Create button.

  3. A message appears confirming that the data source creation may take a few minutes. To monitor the progress of the task, go to Administration → Data management and check its status in the Aggregation Tasks tab.

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