Uploading data

To start uploading data directly to the Devo cloud: 

  1. Access the Devo account where you want to store the data.
  2. Once logged into your account, select Data upload from the navigation panel. This will open the data upload wizard.

  3. In the Source step, you can choose to upload a file from your local machine or from Dropbox. The upload process is the same in both cases. In this case, you will use the markets.sample file that you have saved locally, so click the Local files icon. 

    You can upload files of up to 20MB from your local machine. If you want to upload a file that is larger than 20MB, then you should first save it to Dropbox, then upload it to Devo from there.


  4. In the File step, you can select the markets.sample file by either dragging it to the box or navigating to it in the file system. Once you've selected the file, its name will appear on the screen. Click Upload file to continue.

  5. The Settings step requires you to name the new data table and choose a date type for the events in the file.
    1. The first parts of the Tag for uploaded data will always be my.upload but you can choose the last two parts yourself. In this case, we will use test and markets. Note that in tags, only lowercase letters and numbers are allowed, and the first character must be a letter.
    2. For the Data parsing type, we will use Current date. This option does not use any date information that might exist in the file and simply applies the current date to the uploaded events. However, if your uploaded data fie contains date information, you might then choose the Date from a log file option.
  6. Click Confirm Settings to continue.

  7. In the Summary step, review your selections click Confirm & Send to complete the upload wizard. 

    You will see the following screen when the data is sent.

Once the data has been successfully uploaded and the new table created, you will receive a couple of messages in the Notifications area of the navigation panel. Now the data will be available to query.

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