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User interface

First steps

When you first log into Devo, you will see a welcome window with links to help you get started with Devo, start sending your data, access the documentation or send us an e-mail if you require additional help.

To stop seeing this window each time you log in, uncheck the box in the bottom right corner. To display it again, go to Support → First steps in the navigation panel.

You will see two main areas once you log into Devo:

  • The navigation panel is on the left side of the screen and provides access to the different areas of Devo.
  • The Home area shows at-a-glance information about event activity and statistics. 

Navigation panel

The navigation panel is on the left side of the screen and is minimized by default. The panel expands when you mouse-over it. If you want to lock it in the expanded position, click the lock icon in the upper-right corner of the panel.

Here's a brief description of the Devo work areas:

  • Home
    An at-a-glance view of real-time event activity, alerts, and statistics. Learn more about the Home area.
  • Dashboards
    This work area lets you view, create, and manage dashboards. Learn more about dashboards here.
  • Data search
    Access data tables and view, search, modify, analyze, and enrich the collected data. This area is described in great detail here.
  • Panels
    Create system or process schematics and link the elements to live information in this area. Check out this article for more information.
  • Data upload 
    Upload data from local files or Dropbox to Devo in this area. Learn more here.
  • Administration
    This work area has several sub-areas where you can manage your account's users, relays, applications, alerts; access security certificates; and configure aggregation tasks, injections, permalinks and API/OData. Learn more about this extensive area here.
  • Applications
    This area gives you access to view and/or manage applications that have been associated with your user account. Learn more here.
  • Alerts 
    This area lets you review the history of triggered alerts and create post-filters that carry out actions based on selected alerts. Check out this article to learn about working with alerts.
  • Notifications
    View a list of notifications sent to your user account in this area. Get more information here.
  • Preferences 
    Configure your user account preferences in this area. This article provides more information about the user preferences.
  • Social Intelligence
    Devo users can share the queries they create and use queries shared by other users. This area lists and provides access to shared queries. Read more here.
Due to access permissions, the Panels, Administration and Data upload work areas are not visible to users with the No Privileges role.

Below the work areas, the navigation panel contains links to get Help or to Log Out.

Your user role icon is displayed next to your username, and to the left the green icon allows you to switch between domains (if you have access to multiple ones). You can also change the display timezone. To do so, click the timezone shown under your username. The Configure Timezone window opens:

  • Select Browser timezone to use the one set by your browser or Select timezone to choose the timezone from the drop-down list or by clicking the region on the map.
  • Select Apply only to this session to use the selected timezone only during the current session.
  • Otherwise, if you want to set the timezone selected as the default one in your account, click Save.

Home area

The Home area provides a quick, real-time overview of event activity, alerts, and statistics. The event data details are saved with a long history that can always be accessed if needed. The Home area also contains several widgets apart from the account statistical information:

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