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In the Preferences area, you can configure your user account preferences. Users with the Admin role will have additional options for configuring their user accounts plus options for setting the organization's Devo account preferences.  

User preferences

There are four categories of preferences in the User Preferences tab:


These preferences affect how your user will experience Devo.

Inactivity Period for session expiration (in minutes) After selecting the Set an inactivity time checkbox, indicate how many minutes of inactivity should pass before your Devo session automatically expires. 
Set an inactivity time Check this box if you want to set a timeout for your Devo session (indicated in the field above). If not checked, your session will never expire.
Home page Select the area of the application you want to set as your home page when you start a session.
Language Choose the language of the application.
Use browser language Check this box to use the language configured in your browser. When this box is checked, the Language field will be disabled.
Hide demo tables in Finder Check this box to hide the demo tables when using the Finder


These parameters are used for the vertical applications monitoring.

Machines per view Select the number of machines to be displayed per view.
Autosave Filter
Check this box to apply the last tag filter you used in your previous session.


These preferences are related to how alerts will be displayed for your user.

Time Period of Alerts to show Select the default period of time used in the Alerts Overview graph located in the Alerts area.
Days of life of your alerts (30 minimum)

Indicate how many days you wish alerts to be available for your user. The minimum is 30 days.

Autosave Filter Check this box if you want to save the last settings applied in the Alerts area.
View open alerts Check this box to see only open alerts in the Alerts area.
Show chart Choose the type of chart to be shown in the Alerts area.
Show Pie chart Check this box to show a pie chart displaying the alerts levels in the Alerts area.


Configure the way your alert annotations are displayed.

Display collapsed
Alert annotations will be displayed collapsed by default.
Show confirm on delete Check this box if you want the system to request for confirmation before deleting an annotation.
Show confirm on change task status Check this box if you want the system to request for confirmation before changing the status of a task.

Account preferences

The Account Preferences tab is only visible to users with Admin role and governs the same setting options as the User Preferences section plus the ones explained below.


This section includes the same options than the User Preferences, with the following additions:

Home page
Determine the home page for each type of role in the domain.
Enable Real Time Event Flow by default when opening a search Check this box to activate real time data flow by default when running a search.
Default opening time range in Data Search Set the default time range to apply when domain users open a query.


These are the credentials used for OData v2 authentication when you set up a query as an OData feed.

Basic Authentication User Default user for ODatav2 API basic authentication.
Basic Authentication Password Default password for ODatav2 API basic authentication.


This is where the SAML and MFA Authentication security protocols are configured.

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