Social Intelligence

All Devo users have the ability to share their queries with all other users in a domain, or with specific users. In the Social Intelligence area, you see all shared queries and can filter or search them by time period, query category, user, domain and tags.

  1. Filter the queries published by time (TodayWeekMonthYear or All).

  2. Filter the queries published by category (MarketingMonitoringComplianceSecurityOthers or All). You can select more than one filter at the same time.

  3. Look for specific queries by entering their TagUserDomain or Name.

  4. Published queries will appear here, including the user who published it and his/her domain, the category and the sharing time. You can add comments to the queries and access them clicking Open.

Note that the data associated with the shared queries will not be visible to other users, only its definition and associated intelligence.

How to share a query

  1. Go to Data Search and open the query you want to share.
  2. In the table toolbar, click the gear icon and select Query Info → Share Query.

  3. Enter the required information in the Share Query window:

    Name Give a name to the query.
    Description Enter a description for the query.
    Path / Complete Tree Choose Path to share only the current path or Complete Tree if you want to share all the paths of the query.
    Category Select the category of the query. Choose Security, Monitoring, Compliance, Marketing or Others.
    Share with Choose who you want to share the query with. Select between:
    • Public - All users can see the query.
    • Domain - Only users in a specific domain can see the query. Enter the domain name in the field that appears.
    • User - Share the query with a single user. Enter his/her email address in the field that appears.
    Tags Add tags to the query.
  4. Click Share to publish the query. Users will be able to find it in the Social Intelligence area of the application.

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